Islamic Society - Muslim Students Association

Melville Library N5564
(631) 632-9769

Sr. Sanaa Nadim, Chaplain

The Muslim Students Association is an organization that serves the needs of Muslim students and their community. In addition to this, the MSA also helps educate Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam.

Protestant Campus Ministry
Melville Library N5568
(631) 632-6563

Rev. Brenda D. Ford, Chaplain
Rev. Farrell D. Graves, Chaplain

Provides worship, social gatherings, study, counseling and retreats. For transportation to local churches and program information call our office.

Collegiate Northeast/Metropolitan New York Baptist Association (SBC)

Rev. Sterling Edwards, Religious Advisor

Asian Christian Campus Ministry
Melville Library N5572
(631) 632-6564

Rev. Serena Lin, Chaplain
Rev. Zhe Huang, Religious Advisor

Hillel Foundation for Jewish Life
Gloria and Mark Snyder Hillel Center
Melville Library Suite N5580
(631) 632-6565

Rabbi Joseph Topek, Director & Jewish Chaplain
Shaina Abrams-Kornblum, Director of Jewish Student Life
Tal Mansur, Hillel/JAFI Israel Fellow Rabbi
Rabbi Ori Bergman, Orthodox Rabbinic Advisor
Lisa Hymowitz, Administrator

Serves the needs and concerns of Jewish students on campus, offers cultural, educational, religious and social programs as well as oversees the kosher meal plan. For the location and schedule of weekly and holiday services call or visit the Snyder Hillel Center in Union 201.

Roman Catholic
Roman Catholic Campus Ministry
Melville Library N5576
(631) 632-6562

Joanne Buonocore, Religious Advisor
Rev. Sean Magaldi, Chaplain

Provides Sunday Mass on campus, retreats, sacramental programs, daily prayer, weekly Fellowship meetings, and opportunities for Christian service and social gatherings.